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68th Annual Meeting


Date: February 1, 2016

Time: 6:30 p.m.


Location: Mt. St. Francis Retreat Center Cafeteria


The evening will feature a "pitch in" dinner.  Meat, drinks, and table service will be provided.  Bring your family as well as a family sized covered dish.  There is no cost to attend but we encourage you to make reservations by calling the office.


Guest Speaker: Allie Cline, DNR District Forester

Please Give Us your Feedback


In order to better serve the residents of Floyd County, we would like to hear from you.  To better plan workshops and educational outreach, we need to hear from the residents about what they think is most important in our county conservation efforts. Please take a moment to look over and complete our survey.


Click here for the survey-----> Questionnaire


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Upcoming dates for Qualified Professional Inspector(QPI) Class

Currently there are no dates set for the next QPI class.


What is the Qualified Professional Inspector Program?

The QPI Program consists of a one-day training course, a QPI training manual (provided at the training session), and an exam. After passing the exam, applicants are eligible to obtain a QPI registration or license from the community prior to initiating inspection of construction site stormwater Best Management Practices. 


Why do I need this Training?

The Construction General Permit and local Construction Site Runoff Control Ordinances require a Qualified Professional Inspector to inspect all stormwater control measures every seven (7) or fourteen (14) days (depending on the community) and within twenty-four (24) hours of a one-quarter (0.25) inch rain event. All developments that will disturb one acre or more of land in the communities of Floyd County, Clarksville, Jeffersonville, New Albany, Sellersburg, and Madison are required to have a QPI conducting their inspections. 


Who Should Attend?

Construction Site BMP Inspectors



Stormwater Coordinators

Urban Conservation Specialists

Recommended for Site Designers


The fee for the Qualified Professional Inspector Training Course is $100 and will include the Qualified Professional Inspector Manual. Payment is required to take the exam, whether or not you attend the training session. The Qualified Professional Inspector Training Course will be offered twice a year (Spring & Fall). Additional sessions may be scheduled based upon need. To register for the course, please print and fill out the registration form that is attached to this email or find more information at: http://www.clarkswcd.org/Stormwater/QPI.html



Purpose of SWCD

To provide information about soil, water, and related natural resource conservation; identify and prioritize local soil and water resource concerns; and connect land users to sources of educational, technical and financial assistance to implement conservation practices and technologies

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